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►      General Issue Discussions. Initial conversations are offered free of charge (Call Tom at 435.640.9845).There are no restrictions on the number of participants or subjects covered.  This is a good way to enhance your understanding of the goals and techniques involved before booking an on-site visit.

►      New Product Concepts. Unstructured one day “brainstorming” session (plus written follow up) conducted on your company site.  Optimal participation is normally 6-8 people with a practical maximum of 15. Successful product management examples are discussed.

►      Creative Problem Solving. Semi-structured one day “solutions session” (plus written follow up) conducted on your company site.  Optimal participation is normally 4-6 people with multi-functional participation encouraged.  Real world examples are included.

►      Profitability Enhancement. Semi-structured comprehensive review of higher profit potential based on real world success. One day session conducted on your company site for up to 6 participants (multi-functional involvement critical). This session will include extensive Q&A and online follow up.

►      Competitive Strategy Review. Unstructured review of your product/product line strategies vs. key competitor(s). One day session on your site following preparation worksheet submitted to you 14 days prior to the strategy review workshop.  Optimal group size is normally 5-8 people and should include product development team(s) and “strategic planning” representation.

►      Specific Corporate Issue Resolution. This is a semi-structured, one and a half day session on your site with multi-functional participation (specifics determined in advance based on your organization structure). Dinner session is optional as is number (and executive level) of attendees.